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Making a Difference in Healthcare
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We are management consultants who are passionate about making a difference in healthcare. We partner with organizations that are focused on using innovation to solve complex problems in healthcare. We understand the changing landscape of the US healthcare system, and stand ready to help clients meet their most pressing challenges. Our toolset includes strategy, process, and technology expertise, and we use our deep skills and healthcare acumen to provide value to our clients every day.

Our mission is to advise and support healthcare provider organizations and researchers in their efforts to transform healthcare delivery. We are committed to working every day to move healthcare forward.

Our experience includes delivering projects for major medical centers, community health provider organizations (Federally Qualified Health Centers), academic research institutions, and standards bodies.

Solutions we have delivered include:

  • Implementing standard, secure messaging and electronic summaries of care to make care transitions smoother.
  • Optimizing use of Health IT and technology to support research and clinical care delivery goals.
  • Delivering provider-centric flow sheets that pull all the meaningful and necessary information together, in real-time, in order to empower point-of-care decisions.
  • Providing the care team the right clinical documentation capabilities that are efficient, user-friendly, and fit their unique needs.
  • Discovering and fixing the error-prone processes of care provision in order to minimize risk and achieve operational effectiveness.

Our work has helped our clients to provide best-in-class patient care, improve research efficiency and accuracy, and achieve their most important strategic, operational and financial goals.

We have a seasoned team of smart, professional, and considerate consultants, who are deeply skilled in delivering quality and value and who want to make a difference. We bring experience and skillsets cultivated from a combined 30+ years of experience across most industry sectors, but we choose healthcare because we are passionate and committed to helping our clients improve outcomes and quality of care for patients, while optimizing provider effectiveness and satisfaction.

healthcare providers, researchers, public health agencies and standards groups achieve their goals. We take a big-picture approach to solving every problem.

We are full-service management consultants, with a broad offering of consulting services in the areas of: Strategy, Digital, Operations, and Technology.

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